The 3 Pillars of Letter Writing Meeting Success

letter writing meeting successTomorrow is our monthly letter writing meeting, one of many that we’ve had since the beginning of our chapter. We wouldn’t do these unless the letters actually helped and unless the meetings were successful. Below are the three pillars of letter writing meeting success. If these pillars of success interest you at all, then below are also the details regarding our own meeting tomorrow and the cases that we’ll be working on. We hope to see you tomorrow.

3 Pillars of Letter Writing Meeting Success

  1. Writing Many Letters – The key to letter writing meeting success, and achieving success in these cases, it to write a lot letters. This can be a lot of letters on one case, or writing many letters overall on many cases. Part of what makes this method of activism work is that the more letters, the better, as they represent pressure and concern from all over the world.
  2. Sending Those Letters Individually – Since it’s the number of letters that matters, part of making an impact is sending those letters individually and placing each letter in its own envelope. With my old college chapter, we always sent our letters in one envelope, which isn’t the best. Sending the letters individually also means that if there’s a reply from the government, you’ll be able to receive it because they can address it to someone.
  3. Making a Difference with Your Letters – It’s easy to say that letter writing doesn’t help with releasing someone from prison or improving conditions. After all, results don’t happen right away, if they ever happen at all, but that doesn’t mean that commitment and persistence won’t mean anything. Our own chapter has released prisoners of conscience, and many other Amnesty International chapters can say the same when it comes to the work they’ve invested in their cases.

Letter Writing Meeting Topics

  • Pregnant woman held without charge in Bahrain
  • Flogging risk in Sudan
  • Cancer prisoner needing compassionate release in the United States
  • Prisoner of conscience rearrested in Saudi Arabia
  • Human rights activist stabbed in Mexico

Letter Writing Meeting Details

Who: Our Amnesty International chapter and those interested in human rights

What: To write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience worldwide

When: 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Hartford Coffee Company on the corner of Roger and Hartford, one block off of Arsenal

Why: Because people need our help and we can make a difference

How: Just show up to the meeting! We’ll provide the paper, pens, and pertinent information on each of the cases.


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