4 Things That Need to Be On Your Amnesty Chapter Website

Amnesty chapter website According to marketing software provider HubSpot, 51% of Millennials have visited a nonprofit’s website and connected with them on social media, while 46% have read a blog post on a nonprofit’s site. Of course, most non-profits like Amnesty International want to reach more than millennials, but they are a crucial demographic since it will be millennials advocating for causes, running chapters, and leading your non-profit in the coming years. You need to reach millennials now so that they’ll be a part of the organization when it’s time for them to take the reins. Here are four things that need to be on your Amnesty chapter website:

Easy Connections

Your Amnesty chapter website should make it very easy for someone to connect with you, whether that’s link to your social media page, to contact someone via phone or email, or to give a donation. These options should be clearly marked and easy to find. It’s okay if you only have one or two social media presences. Just make sure that those icons are above the fold (no scrolling or clicking is needed to find the icons. They are at or near the top of the home page).

A Clear Description of What Your Organization Does

Just like the social media icons and the contact information, your mission statement also needs to be front and center, as well as clear. People are finding out about you online, and if you don’t have that information for them to find, then you’re going to have a hard time educating people and recruiting members. They aren’t going to stick around on your website hunting for it.

When presenting this information, you also need to think beyond your organization name and the specific cause, but also words and issues related to those two things. This is so your website can show up in search engine rankings for those other terms. This also attracts those who want to work on maternal health, or women’s rights, or the death penalty, but may not realize that Amnesty International and your chapter have opportunities to work on those issues.

Regular Updates

Seventy-five percent of millennials said the biggest turnoff of a website is when its information hasn’t been updated recently, and this problem is likely to be a turnoff to all people, not just the 20-somethings. This doesn’t mean that you need to update your website every day, as just once or twice a week will suffice, but having a static website that showcases no changes at all won’t cut it. All you really need to update regularly is a blog, or a new announcement on the home page every other week, or an events page that changes regularly. You don’t need a new layout and you don’t need a link to the Twitter feed.

Reasons to Give and to Be Involved

Millennials are likely to give and to be involved, but they aren’t going to do it because you tell them to or because it will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. They want to know that their $25 donation will have an impact and will make a difference, and they want to know that volunteering will make an impact and will make a difference. Therefore, make those reasons clear with success stories, testimonials, and statistics on what $25 can do for whatever cause your non-profit works on. Animal House Fund in St. Louis does a good job of this by outlining the different donation levels, and what each donation level can provide for their organization.

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