August Business Meeting Recap

business meeting recapLast night’s meeting was very productive, as we made progress with our upcoming events. If you happened to miss the event, then here’s what you need know about what’s happening with the chapter and the decisions we made:

Reggie Clemons Actions

As of writing this post, we do not have any additional actions regarding the Reggie Clemons decision. Although that may change in the next few days (depending on what the national organization or what our coalition partners want to do), it seems that we have another waiting game on our hands, where we now need to wait for the Missouri Supreme Court to hear the case. If we are notified of any actions that need to be taken, then we will certainly update you and advise you on how to take action.

Upcoming Fundraiser

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to have a fundraiser any time within the next few months. Not only were we unable to set a date for the event, but there were many more rules and regulations regarding our ability to raise funds as a chapter than we have anticipated. It’s not something that we want to take on at this time.

However, we aren’t without an event. We are partnering with Peace Economy Project and other organizations to host a showing of the Dirty Wars documentary. If we can make this event happen, the it’s very possible that someone from the movie might attend to speak and to answer questions. Since we have help and movement on this event, we are going to work toward this event instead and continue our work on drones and security and human rights.

Dirty Wars Reminder

We have scheduled the discussion of our latest book club reading for our October business meeting on Oct. 8. This book is over 500 pages, so don’t wait to get started. Although it’s okay if you’ve only read 100 or 200 pages, you certainly can’t contribute to the discussion if you haven’t taken the time to read it at all. Make sure to pick up a copy as soon as possible! Reading this book will also augment what’s featured in the documentary, so don’t treat this book club reading like high school, where watching the movie is an equivalent to reading the book. It’s not equivalent, so don’t think that showing up to the documentary will be the same thing as reading the book.


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