45 Human Rights Blog Ideas You Can Use Right Now

human rights blogHey, keeping up this human rights blogging stuff isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to come up with stuff to share on social or to have good ideas for the monthly newsletter either. To help with that, we have an awesome list of 45 human rights blog (or newsletter, or social media, or insert communication/promotion method of choice) ideas that you can use right now. Yes, you can use them right now without any strenuous research or brainstorming. You’re welcome.

  1. Live blog what’s going on at an event, conference, or speaker
  2. Attended a webinar, conference, speaker, or event recently? Share what you’ve learned.
  3. Instead of recapping the conference or webinar, review it! What would you have wished to learn? What could they have done better?
  4. Did you just hold your own event? Do a recap.
  5. Will you be holding an event? Do a post about it and why people should come.
  6. Do a roundup of news articles that your readers may have missed.
  7. Do a roundup of old blog posts around a specific theme or topic.
  8. Do a roundup of some your most popular blog posts.
  9. Write a follow-up to one of those popular blog posts.
  10. Respond to comments made on a previous blog post.
  11. Write a counterpoint to a post from another blog.
  12. Agree with a post from another blog.
  13. Ask another blogger to do guest post.
  14. Ask another blogger if you can reprint one of his/her posts. Make sure to write your own introduction and give credit to the blogger.
  15. Look at what other relevant blogs are blogging about, and write your own post on something they’ve done.
  16. Take a current event and show the human rights angle to it
  17. Compare human rights to something from pop culture, like a TV show or a new dance craze.
  18. Define some human rights lingo or key terms.
  19. Are there any new research findings or statistics related to human rights? Write a post on why that new something is important.
  20. Present the history or some little known facts about a specific human right
  21. Ask several human rights leaders or prominent people about a human rights issue. Post the responses.
  22. Create a beginner’s post to human rights/your issue (think of it as a very quick 101!)
  23. Do a blog post on how activists/human rights advocates/non-profits can use Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.
  24. Create a “recipe of success” for activism/human rights advocacy
  25. Create a “5 Pillars” or a “10 Commandments” for human rights or your issue
  26. Do a “Day in the Life” of someone in your organization
  27. Interview someone and post the Q&A.
  28. Answer a frequently asked question about human rights or your issue
  29. Make a list of the 10 best other human rights blogs or news sites.
  30. Make a list of the biggest lessons you’ve learned while doing this sort of work
  31. Compile a list of the best apps for activism/human rights
  32. Make a list of your favorite human rights quotes.
  33. Make a list of human rights people to follow on Twitter.
  34. Got a lot of photos? Compile a few and do a photo post.
  35. Pose a question or two to your readers, and blog the best responses.
  36. Pose a question on Twitter and blog the best responses.
  37. Review a book related to your issue.
  38. Respond to a question you find on a forum, on Quora, or on LinkedIn questions.
  39. If you are feeling brave, go over a failure and what you/your organization or group learned from it.
  40. Ask your readers what they’d like you to write about.
  41. Write about the best idea(s) suggested.
  42. Conduct a poll.
  43. Post the results to that poll.
  44. Ask for reader submissions (can be posts, pics, or vids).
  45. Share the best ones!

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