Half the Sky Showing: Part II

Half the SkyIf you missed the April film showing of “Half the Sky” you’re in luck!  We failed to finish the whole series at Kate and Paul’s home.  So, on May 31 at 6 p.m, we will be showing disc 2 of the series.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch the first half (disc 1) please do not worry.  The series is composed of self contained short stories from a handful of countries.  This means anybody can BEGIN watching at ANY POINT. The members that have already seen the film or read the book are talking about launching a fundraiser to help an organization from the series. There is also a copy of the disc that is available to group members for those that want to watch the whole series. The documentary is also available on iTunes, on Netflix, and on Amazon if you’d like to watch the first part of the series on your own.

The showing will be at 3540 Juniata St (1st fl. left door) South City. Parking is available on the street. Please join us for all or part of the screening.


6 p.m.:  Watch the first half of Disc 2. This includes maternal mortality in Somaliland and inter-generational prostitution in India.
7:15 p.m.:  Break for a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish or beverage to share. Vegan pasta will be provided.
8 p.m.:  Begin watching roughly where we stopped at Kate and Paul’s. This section is on economic empowerment in Kenya (the final 45 minutes of Disc 2).

There will likely be no hard end time, meaning we can watch bonus materials or enjoy drinks afterwards. That should be one more incentive to join us, as if hanging out with cool Amnesty people, getting some free food, and learning about women’s rights isn’t enough of an incentive to come out on a Friday night. Hope to see you there!

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