May Amnesty Business Meeting Tomorrow

may business meetingIt’s May! The weather has FINALLY warmed up! School and final exams are wrapping up! There’s a lot too look forward to in the coming months! There’s no better time than tomorrow to join the local Amnesty International chapter and to start getting something done about human rights!

All that’s on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting is a short presentation on sex trafficking in the United States, which will include some updates on some of the women in Half the Sky. Obviously, we need something a bit more upbeat and positive as we learn about sex trafficking in the United States. If you thought what was shown in Half the Sky was horrible, it’s even more horrible to learn that much of those same things are happening in the United States, even with all the laws and resources that we have here. There might be a few other things on the agenda, but as of now this is the entire meeting.

Of course, the meeting is at the same time and place as usual. It starts at 7 p.m. at Hartford Coffee Company, where we meet in the back study area. Hope to see you there!


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