US Abolition Day and Good News on VAWA

Reggie ClemonsIf you didn’t already know, today is US Death Penalty Abolition Day. It’s one day dedicated to bringing awareness to capital punishment, highlighting the cases of possibly innocent people on death row and the many others who’ve been exonerated from death row. To celebrate, we are changing our profile pictures on Facebook to that of Reggie Clemons, a case that our chapter and Amnesty International has worked hard on (you can use the picture in this post if you don’t have a picture of Clemons to use). As we await the results from the Special Master, we want to continuing supporting the cause and working hard toward getting Clemons released and abolishing the death penalty. However, if you want to do more than change your profile picture, then there a few options:

  • Consider contributing to the One for Ten campaign. One For Ten will be a series of short documentary films telling the stories of ten innocent people who spent an average of ten years each on death row in the USA. All of these people were locked up and facing death for crimes they did not commit. This campaign is currently on Indiegogo and is looking for funds to keep its project going.
  • Write a letter to stop a scheduled execution in your state. Here is a list of the upcoming executions around the country.
  • Catch up with the latest news with our death penalty news roundup.

Good News on VAWA!

If you haven’t already heard, the House passed a comprehensive version of the Violence Against Women Act! A big thank you to all of those who made calls, wrote letters, sent emails, and etc., as the bill passed earlier this week by a vote of 268-138. Having already passed the Senate, the bill now heads to the White House for President Obama’s signature. This bill is badly needed, and it was a shame that it actually expired several months ago. Our work makes a huge difference, both domestically and abroad, and we will continue this work on more issues throughout the year.


2 thoughts on “US Abolition Day and Good News on VAWA

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