House Could Take Up VAWA Next Week

vawa actionTake Action Now!

We welcomed the news a week or two ago when the Senate passed a version of the Violence Against Women Act that we were proud of! Now, it’s possible for the House to vote on their version of the bill as early as next week, so it’s crucial that action is taken today to ensure that this bill passes. We don’t want VAWA to fall through the cracks again!


The bill presently has 181 co-sponsors, including Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) and Lacy Clay (D-MO). No one from the Kansas delegation has signed on as a co-sponsor at this time. We would like to add as many co-sponsors as possible. Therefore we are now asking everyone to contact their member in the House and ask them to become a co-sponsor of the one true VAWA, H.R. 11. (It is important to specifically reference the bill number, HR 11, as there are several versions of VAWA in circulation.)


Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your representative’s office. Once connected, ask to speak to the staff member handling the Violence Against Women Act. Tell the staff member the following:
1) I am a constituent in ________ and my name is____________
2) I urge Congressman/Congresswoman ____________ to co-sponsor HR 11, a strong, bipartisan bill that would re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act and I ask that he/she oppose any weakening, harmful, or non-germane amendments.
3) Thank you and I look forward to hearing that the Congressman/Congresswoman is a co-sponsor and supporter.

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