Sample Immigrant Rights Letter

immigrant rights

Immigrant rights are an issue around the world, not just in the US.

Continuing our previous work with sample urgent action letters, this time we have one regarding immigrant and migrant rights, specifically in Mexico. This particular case involves folks at a migrant shelter who have been subject to threats and to information theft. We are writing a letter to urge the government to grant the shelter protection as well as to investigate the threats and the theft cases. Please send a letter to the address below, using the sample letter as an example of what you should write to the governor:

Governor of Coahuila State
Rubén Moreira Valdez
Palacio de Gobierno Piso 1, Zona Centro, Saltillo, Coahuila C.P. 25000

Dear Governor,

I am writing in concern for the BELEN MIGRANTS SHELTER, which has been subjected to threats and to information theft over the past few months. I demand that you and the authorities provide effective protection to members of the shelter in accordance to their wishes.

I also call on authorities to carry out a full, prompt and impartial investigation regarding the information theft events and telephone threat received by members of BELEN  MIGRANTS SHELTER, and to carry out an effective protection program as stipulated in the precautionary measures granted by the Inter American Commission of Human Rights.


Your Name

For additional sample letters, check out our examples on the death penalty and for a prisoner of conscience, as well as our write-a-thon letter examples:


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