Write for Rights – People of Bodo

People of BodoToday is Day 5 in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights (with tomorrow being Human Rights Day). Not all of the cases for this year’s event involve a particular individual, as shown in today’s case.

For several hundred years, the people of Bodo in the Niger Delta have made a living from fishing and farming. Their way of life changed suddenly on August 28, 2008, when a breach in a Shell oil pipeline caused thousands of barrels of oil to spill into the local creek. That spill continued until November 7 and the land and water around Bodo were soon polluted with oil. One month later, a second spill began that lasted for 10 weeks. In June of this year, a third spill has taken place.

Shell has failed to take responsibility for these spills. They have not cleaned up the land, and they have not compensated the people of Bodo, whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the contaminated environment. The Nigerian government has also done nothing to help the situation. Please send a letter to:

President Goodluck Jonathan
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Office of the President
Nigerian Presidential Complex, Aso Rock
Federal Capital Territory

Start your letter: Your Excellency

I am writing in concern for the people of Bodo in the Niger Delta, who have been pushed deeper into poverty as a consequence of three oil spills from Shell oil pipelines. I ask that you monitor the pollution in Bodo and its effects on the local community, and ensure that a clean-up operation takes place. I also urge that you publicly commit to transparency and access to information for all aspects of the clean-up operation.

Please also ensure that the affected communities are fully compensated for their losses and that operating practices of oil companies in the Niger Delta are reviewed and overhauled to prevent pollution.


Your Name


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