NDAA Amendments Hitting Senate Floor Now

Amendments from the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act are hitting the Senate floor RIGHT NOW. Please call your Senators, and urge others to do the same. Here’s a sample script (or email):

I urge Senator__________to vote AGAINST any detention provisions in the NDAA that would keep Guantanamo open or continue indefinite detention and unfair trials for any person, whether citizen or not.

In particular, I urge you to support removal of the following sections of the 2012 NDAA in the 2013 NDAA: 1021, 1022, 1027 and 1028.

I also urge you to vote against the following amendments offered to the 2013 NDAA:

  • SA. 3018: Feinstein Amendment on Detention
  • SA. 2976: Inhofe Amendment on Detention
  • SA. 2998: Ayotte Amendment on Detainee Transfers
  • SA. 2999: Ayotte Amendment on Long-Term Detention Outside U.S.
  • SA. 3004: Ayotte Amendment on Notifying Congress about al-Qaeda members
  • SA. 3010: Sessions Amendment on Using Naval Vessels for Captured Individuals
  • SA. 3011- 1013: Sessions Amendments on Gitmo

Thank you for your urgent attention and action in this matter.


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