November Human Rights News Roundup

human rights newsBefore will get our fill of cranberry sauce and pecan pie, let’s get our fill of the month’s latest human rights news. As we give thanks with our friends and family, let us not forget that there are many in the US and abroad who cannot spend the holiday with their friends and family because of human rights violations. Human rights must never take a break, even as we do. There’s a lot to be thankful for this season.

Obama Offers Praise, Pressure on Historic Myanmar Trip – Reuters – Although some human rights activists say his trip is too soon because Myanmar has yet to free all its political prisoners, Obama says his visit isn’t to endorse the current government, but to push the country in a direction of progress and to show that further reform is a good decision. Obama also met with Aung San Suu Kyi, a human rights leader that many within our chapter and other chapters around the United States helped to free from house arrest.

Over a Billion Women Lack Safe Sanitation – Voice of America – Monday was World Toilet Day, and this modern convenience that we take for granted (and maybe don’t clean often enough) is something that a lot of women don’t have and suffer because they don’t have it. Seven out of ten women in Africa have no access to a safe toilet, and often have to wait until dark to go to the bathroom so they can find a safe place to do it. One in five women have been threatened or intimidated when going to the toilet.

President Obama: Keep Your Promise to Close Guantanamo – Amnesty International Blog – Closing Guantanamo Bay would end a lot of human rights violations, such as torture, indefinite detention, unfair trials, and unlawful drone killings. Fifty-five detainees have been cleared for release, yet have not been transferred out of Guantanamo. We want President Obama to recommit to his promise to close Guantanamo.

8 Insane Arguments Business Owners Used To Oppose Basic Human Rights, Social Safety Net  – Huffington Post – There are many labor laws that we ought to be thankful for: eight-hour work days, no slavery, no child labor, minimum wage etc. all of which were opposed by big business when legislatures were in the progress of establishing these laws. We all know this same thing is happening with Obamacare, and like with all these other laws, everything will work out.

Why Walmart Workers are Striking on Black Friday – ThinkProgress – Have you heard of this happening retail workers and not just Walmart? Walmart workers are striking not just because of the steady “Black Friday creep” that’s been happening over previous years (Black Friday sales are starting at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day at Walmart, Target, and other places), but also because of cut benefits and low wages despite Walmart’s record profits. This is also newsworthy because Walmart has been able to squash unionizing and strikes in the past.

5 Reliable Twitter Users to Follow for the Gaza Conflict – UN Dispatch – If you’ve heard about what’s going on in Gaza, and need some folks to follow to get quality, up-to-date news, then this article is a must read for you. The folks on this list are on the ground in Gaza right now.


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