Human Rights Films this Weekend

human rights filmsThis is a bit of late notice, but if you are craving a good human rights film, the Saint Louis International Film Festival at Washington University has a showing of human rights films this weekend. Starting tonight at 6:30 p.m., get your free fill of all sorts of human rights films, covering everything from homelessness to the death penalty, from the Israel/Palestine conflict to theatre in Kenya. Below is a schedule of the films showing this weekend:

Friday November 16th:

6:30 PM: Dignity Harbor: A Home Away from Homeless

8:30PM: The Invisible Men


Saturday November 17th:

12:00PM: The Second Execution of Romell Broom

2:15PM: Homeland: Refugees

4:30PM: Street Journeys

6:15PM: Voyage to Amasia

8:30PM Valmara


Sunday November 18th:

12:00PM: We Women Warriors

2:30PM: The Perfect Victim

5:00PM: Unfit: Ward vs. Ward

7:30PM: Uprising


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