Save the Date – 3 Upcoming Amnesty International Events

2013 Annual General MeetingJust because the holidays are coming up doesn’t mean that we’re taking a break on our human rights activism. Far from it! We still have a few more events coming up in 2012, with one big one coming up in 2013 (see pic). We’re excited, and we hope you can attend at least one of them!


Saturday December 8, 4-9 p.m.- Mark this date, as this is when we will hold our annual ‘Write-a-Thon” to celebrate Human Rights Day. During the Write-a-Thon, we write letters on specific cases in conjunction with Amnesty International chapters around the country. This is meant as a big push on these particular cases so we can see some progress. We’ve previously held this event at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, so more details will be sent out once we get the green light from them. If you can, please come to this one to at least write a letter and to enjoy a free beer (last couple years we each got a free beer).

Yearly Holiday Party

In December, we only have one meeting instead of two because our second one if often too close to Christmas. This year, that one meeting is on Dec. 11, where our tradition is to bring desserts for a potluck and to write holiday cards to prisoners of conscience and their families. It’s out last meeting of 2012, so come if you can!

Annual General Meeting

At the Regional Conference in Chicago this past weekend, we received an official announcement on the 2013 AGM (Annual General Meeting). Due to budget constraints, it will be held at American University’s Washington College of Law on March 22-24 in Washington, DC. There aren’t any additional details regarding programming. However, if people can make time on the Friday or Monday connected to the conference this could be an opportunity to meet and lobby our local members of Congress while in DC.

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