Sample Prisoner of Conscience Letter

prisoner of conscience letter writingSince letter writing is an effective way to bring attention to prisoners of conscience around the world, we’re providing a sample prisoner of conscience letter to write on behalf of others, if you wish. The sample letter is in regards to an actual case, so if you want, you can use this letter and send it to help this prisoner. Click the links to learn more about the case of Zmitser Dashkevich, of whom this letter is about.

Send the Appeal to:

General Prosecutor

Alexander Koniuk

Ul. Internatsionalnaya 22

220030 Minsk


Sample Letter

Dear General Prosecutor,

I am writing in concern for ZMITSER DASHKEVICH, who is being threatened with rape and torture following his transfer to a penal colony in Mazyr. I call on authorities to ensure that he is not tortured or ill-treated by state officials or third parties, reminding them that they have a duty to protect the physical and psychological well-being of those in custody.

I also call on authorities to stop the harassment of ZMITSER DASHKEVICH, reminding them that he is a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for his peaceful expression of his political views. He should be released immediately and unconditionally, along with all other prisoners of conscience.


Your Name


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