California’s Death Penalty Proposition

california's death penaltyOn Nov. 6, Californians will be able to vote on whether or not to end the death penalty in their state. Proposition 34, as its called, is dead even right now, and we really hope the state makes the choice to move in the direction that protects human rights. As we wait for a decision on our own death penalty case, we will be watching other states as everyone around the country works to change the mainstream opinion on capital punishment.

Below is an email we received from a fellow Amnesty International member in California, someone who is working hard on this issue on the front lines. It contains some great articles that covered the movement in the Golden State.

Yesterday’s LA Times featured a front page article about a surge in support for Prop 34! It is incredibly close. According to the USC poll 42% would vote yes and 45% would vote no, with a 2.9% margin of error. We have a reported 12% of undecided voters. Polls show support for Prop 34 increases even more when voters read the official proposition and have the facts. So, we have phone banking and canvassing happening almost everyday all over California to help push us over the edge. You can still help us out and phone bank from home!

We’ve got endorsements from a diverse crowd, from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragosa to Bill O’ReillyOur TV ads have been airing. Please check them out and share them with any Californians you might know. 

This past Wednesday a great article came out in The New Republic, reporting California’s new status as the state with the highest number of wrongful convictions in the country, a record held by Illinois until this past September. 

This is the home stretch! Most California voters are just starting to pay attention to propositions, and they just need to get the right information. I’ll be busy at the LA campaign headquarters and local phone banks through November 6th. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to help us spread the word and raise funds.

Please keep phone banking for California and help us win!

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