What to Bring to the Amnesty General Meeting Tomorrow

amnesty general meetingAs with every second Tuesday of the month, we will be having our general meeting at Hartford Coffee Company in the Tower Grove neighborhood. It will start promptly at 7 p.m., at the corner of Roger and Hartford, in the coffee shop’s new study/meeting area through the back door. So, just what is it that you will need to bring?

Yourself, obviously, as well as your thinking cap. We will be having a guest speaker talk us about human rights in Burma and some of the country’s history. If you are unfamiliar with our group, we’ve been focusing on Burma for several years now with specific assigned to the chapter and to the region. It’ll be a good time to ask questions, as well as learn why what we do as an Amnesty International chapter is so important.

If you haven’t attended a general meeting in a while, or at all, then THIS is the meeting to attend. The group will be caught up on what’s going on in Burma, as well as some of the issues we might target for the next several months. We might be able to do a few things with Burma, but our work on the Reggie Clemons case is done for now. We will get started on event planning, so tomorrow is the best time to start getting involved, or to start getting back involved.

And all you have to bring is yourself to Hartford, and perhaps order something delicious. The meeting will run until 8:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!


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