Sample Women’s Rights Action Letter

women's rights actionAccording to our analytics data, it turns out that many people are finding our site with keywords involving samples letters on various issues. Since Amnesty International does write a lot of letters, we’re going to start providing a few more of these sample letters, and hopefully more people will be encouraged to write these letters and to take action on various issues.

This sample women’s rights letter specifically involves the women of Armenia. In Armenia, there isn’t any legislation or law that punishes or prevents domestic violence. Even though the country has established a state committee to develop a national plan against gender-based violence, little else has been done. Please send a letter (typed or handwritten) on behalf of this issue.

Address the letter to: Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Tigran Sargsyan, Government Building 1, Republic Square, Yerevan 375010, ARMENIA

Sample Letter:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing in concern for the women of Armenia, where a quarter of them are victims of violence. Although I welcome the steps your government has taken on women’s rights, your administration needs to be more proactive in fighting violence against women.

Victims lack access to medical and psychological care, shelters, and crisis centers. Police often refuse to investigate cases of domestic violence, treating the crime as a “private family matter.” There is urgent work that needs to be done, including adopting domestic violence prevention and punishment legislation. I urge you to take the following steps to fight violence against women:

  • Enact a range of measures preventing and punishing gender based and sexual violence, including training police officers on violence prevention and response.
  • Ensure that any failure to investigate allegations of domestic or sexual violence is clearly established among police officers as neglect of their duty.
  • Ensure that all women who have been subjected to violence are given access to the criminal justice system (without facing pressure to withdraw complaints), shelter, medical care, redress, and reparation.

Victims of violence against women in Armenia are particularly vulnerable because police officers frequently fail to investigate and prosecute assaults. Many victims continue suffering because they believe that complaining to the police will not help. I urge your administration to take all the necessary steps to prevent and punish domestic violence in your country.


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