4 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your Amnesty Membership

amnesty membershipWe have lots of people who are members in lots of different ways. Some of us attend our meetings on a regular basis. Some of us only attend our big events. Others just receive our email notifications. A few are just members of the national organization. Whatever place your in, there is always a way to get more out of your membership and to do more for Amnesty International. Here are four easy ways to get more out of your membership that won’t leave you burnt out over human rights:

  1. Take Action Online – Taking action online is one of the easiest things to do as an Amnesty member, as it doesn’t require anything more than a computer and an Internet connection. New actions are posted everyday, but if you haven’t yet taken action on Reggie Clemons or the prisoners in Myanmar, do so right now! These are two cases that our chapter in particular is spending time on, so taking action on them is an important part of being a member of the St. Louis group.
  2. Join Our Facebook Group – If you aren’t yet part of our chapter’s Facebook Group, then join now! It’s a great place to network with other members, get reminders about upcoming meetings and events, and even find out about non-Amnesty issues that folks are interested in. There’s always a lot happening on our page, so check it out!
  3. Attend a Meeting – We’d love to see some new faces (and some of the old faces. You know who you are) at our meetings. You don’t have to come to every single one, or stay for the whole thing, but attending meetings is one of the best ways to meet other members and to know what’s going on with the group. We just had our letter writing meeting on Tuesday, but our next business meeting is on October 9. Hope to see you there!
  4. Participate in an Event – Twice a month may be a huge commitment for some people, but we’re sure that an event every few months can’t be all that much to ask for. Some of our past events include a movie showing, tabling and petitioning at concerts, lobbying politicians, hosting/co-hosting speakers, and participating in marches and protests. Our group just attending Amnesty’s annual general meeting last month, and we are planning a few tabling and petitioning events for the summer and fall. If anything, be an active member by attending or helping out (or both).

Overall, the St. Louis chapter hopes to increase its membership in the coming months, and to be more active as a local group. We are one of two groups in the state of Missouri, so there’s a lot to do, and a lot to be done. No justice, no peace!


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