Action Still Needed for the Violence Against Women Act

VAWAIn the past few months, over 17,000 Amnesty activists called on their Member of Congress to vote on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

About a month ago, both the House and Senate finally passed their own versions of VAWA. But the fight isn’t over yet! While the Senate version is a strong bill, the House version would undermine women’s rights in the United States. In the next couple of weeks, your action is essential and will determine the passage of the strongest VAWA yet. Urge the passage of a strong and inclusive VAWA now!

We need a VAWA that protects all women. All of your calls, emails, letters and tweets helped get the right provisions into the Senate version of VAWA. In fact, a senior Senate staffer said that Amnesty’s support of the provisions for Native women were crucial to making sure that they were included.

We want to show Congress how important this bill is to all of us – Native American and Alaska Native women, immigrant women and LGBT individuals included — throughout the country. Now that there are two versions of the bill, it is time to take action to ensure that an effective VAWA is sent to President Obama for his signature.

The House passed a version of VAWA that fails women. If this version prevails:
– Tribal courts will have no power to prosecute non-Native perpetrators of sexual violence against Native American women.
– Immigrant women will have little legal protection to prevent abusers from using immigration status as a tool of exploitation and control.
– LGBT persons will continue to face discrimination and denial of social services.

Congress should not pass VAWA without addressing these problems. If the expanded provisions in the Senate bill don’t pass, Native American and Alaska Native women, immigrant women and LGBT individuals will be at greater risk of violence with no recourse to justice.

Every day that goes by without Congressional action is another day that women do not get the support and protection they need.

Now is the time to act. Since Congress is stalled on the reconciliation process, this is our window to influence the next steps. Tell Congress the answer is obvious — the Senate bill is the only acceptable version of VAWA.

We won’t settle for anything less. Will you? Take action to ensure that Congress passes the Senate bill that protects all women – regardless of their race, ethnicity, tribal or immigration status, sexual orientation or gender identity.


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